Have you bought a property recently?

Our company offers a full range of services so that owners whose second residences are unoccupied for most of the year can leave their properties safely in our hands.

At House Services Marbella we have extensive experience in property maintenance and management. House Services Marbella House Services Marbella ensures you the perfect upkeep and protection of your property or community, by providing peace of mind and trust. The safekeeping of keys, a housekeeping and cleaning service, a laundry service (home pick-up and delivery) and a comprehensive garden, maintenance and project service. Swimming pool maintenance, chlorine, saline, ozone sanitation services etc.

Registration of services

installation of satellite TV, painting and decorating, repairs and minor renovations

Desinfection of houses

Desinfection of houses OZONE-HOUSE by House services M.s.l.

Administrative management

Administrative management of insurance, utility registrations, floor polishing and house clearing

Comprehensive maintenance of properties and communities

Domestic service, Desinfection of houses OZONE-HOUSE by House services M.s.l. dependent care and babysitters. Service available to private homes and communities – minor works, swimming pool maintenance, gardening. Laundry – clothes like new


Our clients

Some of the companies that trust House Services M. SL